AMAA Training Camp In Japan - Sept 2016

AMAA Training Camp In Japan - Sept 2016

This coming September 2016 AMAA will be hosting a very special Martial Art Training Camp In Japan, and not just any part of Japan, but it’s most historic city Kyoto.




Join us in Japan’s Ancient City Of Kyoto for,
Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Brazilian Jiujitsu & Muay Thai Camp
With Your Instructors; Sifu Dan Anderson, Clark Gracie & Rob Kaman.
PLUS Several world-class surprise guest instructor, professional historians, chefs, local martial artists & more!

Camp Dates:
September 2nd – 7th, 2016

CLICK HERE For Registration Link  —> GO TO Events Tab —> SCROLL down to Japan Camp —> Click Enroll

Or CALL US at 212.766.6622 and book your deposit over the phone

Read Full Itinerary Trip Breakdown , Instructor Bios, Curriculum & All Travel Information down below


Japan is the land of the Samurai, and Kyoto its most ancient city.
With all of our travels we have found no better place to bring our martial arts family together and give them the most unique, memorable and informative experience.

We want to share this with the people we love. Create memories and adventures that will last a lifetime.

Last year Kyoto was voted as one of the top travel destinations in the world, beating out Thailand, Italy and France.

There are so many unique things to do… We can run the gates, walk bamboo forests, visit castles and train amongst one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world.

Kyoto is the safest city in the world. Japan, one of the safest countries. With zero entry fees and no visa requirements, its the ideal country to visit, experience and train.


Camp Date: Sept 2nd – 7th
Sifu and Dasha will help anyone going arrange the perfect departure and return dates.

Travel Dates: We advise you leave the US on Aug 31st/ Sept 1st and arrive in Osaka Sept 1st or 2nd.
The airports are simple to navigate and have easy rail systems to get to the city. Your pick-up and transport from Osaka will be arranged.

Departure: You can leave from Osaka or Tokyo Sept 8th or stay longer in Kyoto or Tokyo (we will be happy to help you arrange longer stay in both cities).

Sifu and Dasha will pick everyone up from Osaka (we will provide full instructions for you from the airport) and take you to our home in Kyoto, 40 minutes from Osaka in the beautiful mountains of Japan.


Food, Housing, Training & Transportation will be included. We will all be living in traditional Kyoto style homes, sleeping on tatami mats, with full bathroom, shower and kitchen amenities. We will also have a chef of staff.

Our homes will be in the center of this amazing city. Steps away from the temples that make this city so unique and beautiful, and also with in walking distance of anything you need; from a bank, to a drug store, city life, night life, temples and amazing food markets.

Upon registration participants will be sent more details.


Anyone with a passport and an adventurers heart. Japan does not require any visa’s and has no entry fees into the country.

All LEVELS in all of the arts are welcome.

Those interested only in a specific area of the camp are also welcome, a FULL curriculum of classes will be sent to all participants. Those training in one area can simply explore the city, hang out or train during other hours/ classes.

Priority in booking will always be given to AMAA students, however ALL Martial Artists from any city and Academy are welcome!


You simply need an active Passport.

For Brazilian JiuJitsu: Your gi & belt (if you’ll be training BJJ)

For Muay Thai: Muay Thai shorts, mouth piece, and gloves (If you’ll be training Muay Thai).

For JKD/ Kali: If you plan on bringing Kali sticks we advise you check your luggage – no weapons are allowed in carry ons.

For Training: Sneakers, shorts, workout clothing and bathing suit.

Everything else will be provided for you at camp.
It’s summer in Japan in August and the weather is close to that of NYC, so pack lightly!


Camp will offer daily Brazilian JiuJitsu, Muay Thai and Kali/ JKD classes. Approximately 20 hours of instructed and group training. All hours are optional.

*You will receive a certificate of camp completion in each art at the end of camp, signed by each instructor.

The rest of the time we will offer incredible excursions and adventures, including running Fushimi Inari Taisha “the red gates”, exploring the temples, doing a hike to the aincient mountains, walking and eating our way through food markets, monastery visits, movie nights and group dinners.

No pressure, you can always explore on your own. The city is safe and easy to navigate with countless things to see, taste and experience. You are all big kids, therefore through out camp you can do as you please. Sifu and Dasha will explain the city to you and you can spend ample time exploring.


Sifu and Dasha have traveled to Japan on many occasions. Kyoto remains their favorite city.

While you can do as you please, as the city is ranked amongst one of the safest and most hospitable in the world, we will plan incredible adventures, including a half day trip to Osaka, visits to the Golden Pavilion, workouts around Kyotos temples, food markets, Calligraphy class and much, much more.



DanClarkGregorClick on name to read instructor bios
Sifu Dan Anderson (all arts)
Clark Gracie (Brazilian JiuJitsu)
Rob Kaman (Muay Thai)

BONUS: More World class (hint) guest instructors will be announced shortly


Camp costs include everything from room and board, food, excursions, transportation from Osaka train station to Kyoto and all training from Sept 2nd through the 7th.


Cost: 1,500.00  Deposit: 500.00   Balance: 1,000.00 (due May 1st, 2016)


Cost: 2,000.00  Deposit: 750.00   Balance: 1,250.00 (due May 1st, 2016)

Please register here – as the camp is on a first come, first serve basis.

Because of the nature of this camp we can only have 40 total students.

To discuss deposit fees and trip holds please contact Dasha 212.766.6622 or

Flight details

DEPARTURE: Search for your flights on sites like Orbitz, Hotwire and others. Search round trip flights from NYC to Osaka, and if you want to visit Tokyo, NYC to Tokyo.

Departing Aug 31st or Sept 1st and returning Sept 8th.

*We have a special site for those of you under 26 years of age. The link provides even cheaper tickets for students and adults ages 18-26.

If you choose to arrive in Kyoto earlier we can help you arrange very affordable accommodations, and meet you, as we will be there earlier.

RETURN: If you need to get back soon you can choose a return date of Sept 8th, departing from Osaka. If you want to stay longer in Kyoto or Tokyo we can help you arrange nice and affordable accommodations.

CLICK HERE For Registration Link  —> GO TO Events Tab —> SCROLL down to Japan Camp —> Click Enroll

Or CALL US at 212.766.6622 and book your deposit over the phone

Extra costs: Unlike Tokyo, Kyoto is a far less expensive city. The cost of living is less then in NYC. You can have an incredible lunch for under $10 dollars.
One of the main reasons we picked Japan is simple, unlike in other parts of the world the water and all street food is safe to eat. Japan is cleaner then the US, and it is okay to eat street food, as it is of the highest quality.

Because of this you will not need to have a lot of extra spending money. Your food and board are taken care of, and training is included, there are no entry fees anywhere in Kyoto, so your only added expenses are a taxi from the airport and some extra food if you would like.


As mentioned above, ideally you want to depart from NYC and fly into Osaka. Osaka is just 30 minutes from Kyoto, and will be an easier trip. Plane tickets are also less expensive when flying into Osaka. Those that want to see Tokyo can fly into or out of Tokyo. For best cost efficiency aim to fly in and out of the same city.

Please email for assistance.

We will gladly help you sort out your tickets and book the right trip.