Dwight Grant wins his MMA fight via TKO! and heads to SCOTLAND next for World MMA title belt!

Dwight Grant, Sifu Anderson, Sihing Cruz, Dasha Libin and a whole lot of AMAA students and supporters go to AC and bring back another amazing win from the Octagon. Facing a tough opponent, Dwight takes him out with a straight cross in 1:05 min of the 2nd round. NEXT STOP for Dwight is the WKA World Championships, MMA in Scotland this October!
It was all of Dwight’s hard work, Sifu Anderson and to Sihing’s guidance, teaching and coaching as well as Dwight’s training partners and all of our students (many of who made it out to AC in their support).
Anderson’s Martial Arts is a true family! We are proud of our students, our fighters and our supporters.

Sifu Anderson and Dwight Grant minutes before getting into the Cage