AMAA offers one of the most highly respected, quality mixed martial arts programs in the nation. The choice to join AMAA is a choice to join a distinguished, time-honored martial arts academy that is rich in tradition, lineage, and reputation. Founded by Sifu Dan Anderson in 1996, Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy continues to grow in its size and stature. However, it remains committed to the task of providing students with the most practical and effective self-defense skills – rooted in the principles of martial arts.


Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy is not a gym, we are an academy of higher learning and standards. We are a teacher’s teacher. We are professionals. Masters. We are eternal students of our arts. We give freely and with quality. Our arts and education are not accumulated commonly, easily or generally. From our students we demand respect, action, bravery, loyalty, trust, humility, integrity and kindness. “Excellence can be obtained if you care more than others think is wise. Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.”



Attendees since 1996.


"Anderson’s MMA is one of the most comprehensive academies you could find. Had studied more traditional martial arts in the past which were great. Wanted something more functional and was searching for jeet kune do schools. After a lot of research haven’t found anything else like Anderson’s: JKD, Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, Filipino kali stick & knife, special seminars throughout the year in savate, silat, international masters like Clark Gracie, Guro Dan Inosanto himself. The amount of knowledge at your disposal is mind-blowing. Sifu Anderson has dedicated his life to martial arts for well over 30 years, has an astounding breadth of knowledge and experience, and is an inspiring teacher. Many of the instructors there are actively training for competition, and you just can’t beat that level of focus, dedication, and commitment to functional fighting. Early morning, afternoon and evening classes throughout the week are super convenient. School is really clean, locker rooms are cleaned multiple times during the day. Quality strength training equipment at the front open to all students. Really is a family identity and feel to the school… Sifu & Simu, the instructors and students are all really welcoming and you can make some great friends and training partners. Been recommending the 3-day free trial to all my friends. Wonderful school and training."


"AMAA is my home away from home. Training here not only provides me with strength physically but strength mentally as well. It has made me more confident in my career and my day to day interactions. There is a deep wealth of knowledge and professionalism from Sifu Anderson and all of the amazing instructors. I can not suggest enough!!!"


"This is an amazing Academy. Instructors are focused and patient. I began studying martial arts to help conquer social anxiety and I cannot praise this place enough for its very friendly and inviting nature. Doesn’t matter your level of knowledge, the instructors will take their time with you and even teach according to your learning method. Facilities are clean and tidy and the gym is accessible to students all day. I intend on attending again this summer."


"Anderson’s was my first taste of martial arts since I was a child, and when I started I was pretty nervous, shy, and lacking in confidence (both on the mat and off). AMAA helped with all of that. It’s a family of super humble people who will support you every step of the way. I took Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Sifu Anderson, and I quickly gained a new obsession – highly recommend it. Informative, enjoyable, inspiring and a great workout. If you’re looking for a good place to start in martial arts, Anderson’s will quickly become your home away from home."


"Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy is one of the best Martial Arts centers, period. It is also the only place (that I’m aware of) in NYC that has a direct connection to the Bruce Lee/Dan Inosanto Jeet Kune Do lineage, as Sifu Anderson was a student of Guro Inosanto. They have high level Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Filipino Martial Arts (Kali), MMA and Boxing, all of which are taught by high level martial artists if not Sifu himself. They also have a kids program and Kettlebell Kickboxing fitness program. The energy/vibe there is great. The teachers, staff, fighters and students are all very friendly, humble, encouraging, and positive people. Anderson’s embodies the true spirit of modern martial arts, and I feel honored to have gotten to train there. I highly recommend this place for anyone who is serious or even curious about training. The first class or lesson is free, what do you have to lose!? It changed my life, it might change yours!"


"Six months ago I decided at 35 I was wanted to study martial arts via Muay Thai and Stick fighting. Anderson’s was the most welcoming place I looked at and since training there have found a camaraderie amongst the students and teachers, all with an inspiring sense of commitment. The possibilities for personal and physical accomplishment utilizing the training methods of the school seem endless."


"Just registered this week and completed my first Kali – Weapons class yesterday. What a terrific experience. Everyone is out to help each other. I walked in cold and the instructors were patient and generous with their tips and demonstrations. I was also impressed with the instructor/student balance. For a class of maybe 12, we had 4 instructors. Overall, in financial terms, I can’t recommend this institution more on the sole basis of projected ROI. Go in, take their intro lesson and you will not leave without joining."


"I’ve been coming here for about 5 years. It’s definitely one of the best places to learn martial arts as it has something for everyone. I first started taking the kettlebell kickboxing classes and eventually started learning martial arts. They offer all types of arts and some great instruction not to mention they are always bringing experts and legends in various arts in for seminars. Everyone who teaches are either fighters or have spent many years training so you can trust that youre learning correct technique and form. Beyond that, the group of people you train with and eventually become friends with are really the best. Whether you’re looking to train for interest, self defense or to get a workout in, you’ll be able to find what you need here. Staff is the best and the gym is clean."


"Sifu Anderson often says AMAA is a family, & it’s so corny but it’s true! I love going there. I love how strong & fast & skilled they’ve made me. I am proud every time I get to put on my green belt for Phase 2 Jeet Kune Do class. If you want to get in shape, be more disciplined & learn how to defend yourself, come to Anderson’s."


"I can’t say enough great things about Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy. I came to the school after looking long and hard for a good martial arts school that fit me, and I have been here for 4 years with no thought of training elsewhere. The lineage and acclamations the school has received speak for themselves. AMAA has the world class training for everything from MMA, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu (gi & no gi), to awesome weapons and reality based street fighting classes. The whole staff – Phil, Chuck, Gus and everyone else are incredibly well rounded and knowledgeable. Sifu continues to surprise me with his knowledge, expertise and innovation. AMAA will teach you martial arts, but In addition will teach you how to think as a fighter, from the ring to the street. You will not be disappointed – just be ready to work. "


"I have trained in world class gyms, and this is my favorite. The instructors are thorough, friendly, and bad ass. The head of the school, Sifu is a secret weapon, extremely knowledgeable and has a personality that makes you want to come to class and excel. I had the best experience, and only wish he had more academies across the country. Along with the boxing, muay thai and BJJ, who else teaches knife fighting? The only problem is that there aren’t enough hours in a day to take all of the stuff offered at this school. "


"Been a part of the AMAA family for 10 years now and I can confidently say this place right here IS the most well rounded training studio in NYC. From fitness, competition to self defense, Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy is where it’s at. Unlike most studios nowadays, solely focusing on the sport, AMAA focuses on what can happen in the real world and I strongly believe it’s important to train in both. They forge elite fighters and amazing practitioners of the Arts. "