“understanding where you came from, to identify where you are headed”

Your lineage is your art, and your art is your lineage. An Academy with real lineage has a greater responsibility to teach and develop your skill and knowledge, as well as uphold the arts in all respects and quality.

As a student at AMAA you should know your lineage.

In each and every single one of our arts you will not get watered down technique, or be taught how to win a tournament without knowing how to defend yourself on the street. Furthermore, you will understand the arts specific contribution to the range in which it lives: ground, striking, weapons and so on. You will learn the ethics, philosophy, terminology, and exact syllabus of each art.

You will get the direct lineage and teaching of the art – and each belt and rank will be in accordance with your lineage.

As you go on to read about AMAA’s (and your) direct lineage please note that in the Phase (1, 2/3) JKD, Kali class students are taught all of the following ranges of combat and how to easily flow from each range: kicking range into hand range, hand range into close quarter trapping and grappling range, close quarter trapping range into grappling or ground fighting range. The use of weapons, both defensively and offensively, are taught in an easy-to-remember and efficient method of application.

  • All classes are kept small or provide numerous instructors to give students the individual attention needed to progress
  • Specific arts can be taken by students with a specific goal or interest
  • All ranks and belts at AMAA are given (earned) under the exact lineage provided below in that exact art

your jeet kune do lineage explained:

Andersons Martial Arts is one of the few Academies that actually teach Jeet Kune Do/ Jun Fan Gung Fu. At AMAA, we have five instructors directly certified under Guro Dan Inosanto. Sifu Anderson is a senior instructor under Guro Dan and has been training with Guro Inosanto for over 30 years.

Sifu Dan Anderson is also the Inosanto representative for New York City. Guro Dan comes to Andersons Martial Arts for a two day seminar every year – this way students can get direct interaction and instruction from the legend.

Jeet Kune Do (JKD) was born from Bruce Lee, and evolved by both Bruce Lee and Guro Dan Inosanto. JKD, as started by Bruce Lee, has carried Wing Chun at the core of his system. Bruce Lee incorporated a modification of various techniques from Northern Praying Mantis, Southern Praying Mantis, Choy Li Fut, Eagle Claw, Western Boxing, Wrestling, Fencing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, to some of the more refined kicks of the Northern & Southern Chinese styles. Innovative and radically ahead of his time in both his training and teaching methodology, Bruce Lee developed a martial system and fighting strategy that has lost none of its effectiveness over time.

Emphasizing the “ranges of combat.” Students are taught to confidently and with ease “flow” from long distance ”kicking- range” to middle distance “hand- range” to close quarter “trapping & grappling range.” The movements are crisp and efficient, utilizing the most direct lines and angles. JKD affords the practitioner a means by which to effectively pursue the most direct line of attack. And once an attack has been launched there are no breaks or interruptions. As one technique nears completion, it starts to blend into the next and so forth: one continuous flowing motion until the conflict is resolved.

your brazilian/Gracie jiujitsu lineage explained:

Carlos Gracie is the older brother and teacher of Helio Gracie. Between the two of them, they developed the most efficient fighting system ever created: Brazilian (Gracie) Jiu Jitsu. They were able to defeat all different challengers, big and small, and of all other martial arts. Clark’s father, Carley Gracie, is known as the “Lion of the Gracie family” and earned his black belt from his father, Carlos Gracie. Carley Gracie is the last of the Gracie fighters to be personally trained and coached by Carlos Gracie. Carley Gracie is now an 9th Degree Red Belt. Clark Gracie is the son of Carley Gracie. Sifu Anderson has spent over two and a half decades in the art, beginning his BJJ journey with Riskson Gracie, and continuing on to study with many world-class Brazilian JiuJitsu practitioners. Sifu Anderson is now a 2nd degree Brazilian JiuJitsu blackbelt.

At AMAA we are very lucky to have both Clark Gracie and red-belt Carley Gracie frequent the Academy for training, workshops, team building and seminars. This is also your direct belt lineage, for every BJJ stripe, belt or rank you achieve at the Academy.

Additionally, we also host visiting Brazilian and Gracie Jiu Jitsu world champions and legends, like 9th degree Gracie blackbelt Steve Maxwell, who comes to teach and mentor AMAA students several times a year.

our filipino martial arts/ Kali lineage explained:

The Filipino martial arts taught at Andersons Martial Art Academy are drawn from 26 primary sources, these are the instructors who Magulang Na Guro Dan Inosanto has spent his life training under and developing this system. With influences such as the late Grandmaster John La Coste, Magulang Na Guro Dan Inosanto has developed a program that introduces students to 12 main areas including, but not limited to, single stick, double stick, stick & dagger, double dagger, panatukan (Filipino boxing), Sikaran (Filipino kicking methods), Kuntao & Silat.

Additional to his Guro Inosanto lineage and education, Sifu Anderson has studied extensively in Balintawak Kali/Arnis, being awarded by Grand Master Atillo as the disciple of the art, as well as the East Coast representative.

At AMAA you will also get direct exposure to both Guro Dan Inosanto and Grandmaster Atillo through seminars, specialty workshops and training weeks during their visits to the Academy.

At AMAA Filipino Martial Arts/ Kali / Eskrima is taught in our Phase 1, 2/3 JKD and Kali classes, Panatuken classes and specialty workshops.

your muay thai lineage explained:

Developed in Thailand, the devastating art of Muay Thai – Thai Boxing is gaining popularity and recognition in the US thanks to the dedication and perseverance of Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute, President and founder of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. As well as several other Thai and European champions-turned-instructors in the US.

Your Anderson’s Martial Arts Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) lineage comes from three sources: Ajarn Chai and Guro Dan Inosanto, heads of the Thai Boxing Association, as well as the Dutch influence from 9x World Champion Rob Kaman and Thai influence of 7x World Champion Season Janjira, under whom, alongside Sifu Anderson, this program is mentored.