Grandmaster spends several days at AMAA! Including coming into classes, teaching Sifu, Simo and the staff in Balintawak Eskrima privetely and hosting an amazing two day seminar. It was an honor and great un to have grandmaster at the seminar. He movement, education and energy proved to be one of the most beneficial and fun seminars of 2010.

There are very few grandmasters left, especially those that have achieved as much and have had such a diverse and valuable background in Filipino Martial Arts.

Grandmaster Atillo is one of the only living master still alive from the days of Kali death matches. His form of Kali is effective and efficient and will mold seamlessly into the Inosanto Kali taught at AMAA.

Balintawak was established in 1952 not only by Anciong Bacon, Delfin Lopez, and Inting Atillo. What is more important is the effectiveness of the art.