Cru Shawn Perry Ellis

Cru Shawn Perry Ellis

Kru Shawn Ellis is a martial artist who started his journey is Tae Kwon Do almost two decades ago. After his Tae Kwon Do journey was complete Shawn wanted to continue his studies in Muay Thai and Jeet Kune Do, and so he found his home at Andersons Martial Arts Academy.

Shawn dedicated himself to every single class AMAA had to offer, but soon began to specialize in Muay Thai, an area of combat he felt most passionate about. Shawn’s high kicks soon became balanced with power, as Sifu Anderson taught Shawn not to abandon what he has learned in his first art, but to skillfully add to it, enhancing his martial skills, and his striking ability.

Shawn soon began to compete, and found that he loved it. Shawns first entry to the ring was at the WKA Tournament where he took home a silver medal, and soon advanced through the ranks to find himself battling for and bringing home the New York State Muay Thai Championship belt. Shawn then defended the title and took home a second belt in that same division. Shawn Ellis is now the North Eastern Regional Champion making his way in the Muay Thai competition ranks.

Today, besides competition and fighting Shawn is a staff instructor at Andersons Martial Arts Academy. His passion is martial arts, and his love is Muay Thai, and he truly enjoys passing that onto AMAA students each and every single day.

For private lessons with Shawn, please email, / and to take class with Shawn simply check the AMAA schedule and come on in to training, or schedule your FREE 3 day trial if you are not yet a member.