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Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy is where the very best martial arts masters, instructors and practitioners and cutting-edge classes and education come together with inspired design, world-class amenities and a unique digital experience to truly inspire our community every day.

Pick Your Membership: * All memberships come with full unlimited facility use ** All memberships can be upgraded or downgraded upon your request


Every Great Accomplishment Starts With A Simple Decision To Act


Our Facility Features Include:

  • Elite Training Gym Equipment For Use With Any Membership
  • SkillMill Treadmills
  • Digital Lockers
  • Private Locker-rooms
  • Showers
  • Free Filtered Water Fountain
  • Community Wifi & Couches
  • Heavy Bags
  • Mats

pricing options

Our Facility Features Include:

  • 125 a month – any 2 classes a week/ 8 hours a month
  • 150 a month – any 3 classes a week/ 12 hours a month
  • 175 a month – any 4 classes a week/ 16 hours a month
  • 225 a month – unlimited training (over 300 hours a month) PLUS all seminars & workshops FREE!
  • Law Enforcement, First Responder & Military Discount: 150 a month Unlimited
  • and all facility use with every single membership option

membership freezes

Memberships can be frozen on the 1st or 15th of the month with a 30-day notice. Memberships can be frozen for a minimum of 4 weeks at a time and a maximum of 4 months per year. There is a $25/month charge for freezes.


You can Upgrade or Downgrade Monthly memberships, as you choose simply by sending email HERE.
Law Enforcement Rates:
  • Adopt -a-Cop BJJ Members: 50$; (which is to be reimbursed to the officers by the Adopt-a-Cop Program); this fee allows members to train solely in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and take as many BJJ classes as they would like
  • Law Enforcement Unlimited: 100$; for individuals in law enforcement who are looking to train in more areas than just Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; this is an unlimited membership

You can Upgrade or Downgrade Monthly memberships, as you choose simply by sending email HERE.

your journey through martial arts

real life – real goals – real results

You will begin with Phase 1 Jeet Kune Do / Inosanto Kali classes, as well as Muay Thai, Boxing, Gracie Jiujitsu and Knife education. Jeet Kune Do will be your parent art, and the other arts an extension of a deeper education in each area; ground fighting (Gracie JiuJitsu), the most effective striking arts in the world (Boxing, Muay Thai and JKD), the most efficient and lethal weapons system (Filipino Martial Arts/ Inosanto Kali/ Silat).

AMAA’s program has a uniquely holistic approach to high-performance living in every sense of the world; from ability, mental and physical development, self discovery, discipline and the development of reaction, timing, and the ability to feel energy – your results will be inevitable and vast. You will reach an elite state of body awareness, fitness, health, self defense ability and self discovery. The result? When you change your behavior and also identify your goals, you begin to function at a higher level across the board. Whatever it is you do, Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy will help you do it at the peak of your powers. You’ll think, respond, and move like a champion, every single day.

learn – train – transform

We’ve all got our reasons for training. And if you train correctly those reasons will evolve and progress into new goals.

A black belt is a white belt that never quit.

At AMAA, we have a systematic approach to helping you achieve totality in your martial arts. Getting to blackbelt level, ability and beyond. Because no two bodies are the same, there is always an individualized part to your curriculum and training. Your Jeet Kune Do will evolve into a fluid understanding of all areas of self defense, combat and art.

Your first step is the Anderson’s Martial Arts Free 3 Day Trial, which includes an in-depth dive into all of our classes and curriculum. You can take Jeet Kune Do and Kali class, Muay Thai, Gracie JiuJitsu, Boxing, and knife classes.

Your instructors and our program will evaluate your goals and objectives to help create a training schedule made for your life. Since needs, goals and lives change, the AMAA schedule is always flexible, and students of all levels can come to every class from day one, except Jeet Kune Do/ Kali Phase 2/3.

The goals?

Performing at your peak, feeling secure, confident, disciplined, having the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones is crucial — it is the key to living your life with a peaceful state of mind.

Set new goals – redefine your abilities – become limitless

A martial arts Academy is not a gym, but a place of higher learning and physical as well as mental development.

Your progress is only as good as the people behind it. With Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy, you will have the very best, most accredited and decorated, knowledgable instructors on your side. We aren’t trainers, or coaches, we are martial artists (with full lineage and education) and we are educators.

Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy founder Sifu Dan Anderson is well-known and highly respected for setting the standard in his field. With over two decades in martial arts, his accolades, achievements, teaching and lineage speak for itself.