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After teaching in NYC for over two decades, Sifu Anderson realized that there are some very specific topics and questions that his students want expanded. While everything you need is provided in our AMAA class curriculum, it is often beneficial to highlight and focus on specific topics with in the arts and principles we teach. This is why AMAA created the Sifu Master Class Workshop Series, during which a new monthly specialty topic is announced and explored during an intensive workshop with Sifu Anderson, usually held on the third Saturday of each month from 3-5pm.

Past workshop topics have included; Silat Footwork, Combat Ready Takedowns, Double Knife, Functional Trapping, Weapons Grappling and so much more.

The best part is that active AMAA students on our unlimited program get access to all of the workshops FREE, and all AMAA students are always welcome to the workshops, which are designed for people of all levels from our blackbelts to the complete beginner.

AMAA blackbelts also get to attend all workshops free of charge.
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Every year since 1996, Sifu Anderson and the staff at AMAA have brought our students and the martial arts community a great variety of incredible seminars and learning opportunities.

Visiting instructors at Andersons Martial Arts Academy have included some of the best practitioners and maters in the world.

Our goal is always to bring our students the best information, and give them the very best most exclusive and personal access. When you join Andersons Martial Arts Academy you join an institution of higher learning, and you gain access to the very best education in the world.


Guro Dan Inosanto

Every year at AMAA you can experience the most influential martial artist of our generation and it is one of the most exciting martial arts events of the year at Andersons Martial Arts NYC. Every year you can come and train with the man personally chosen by Bruce Lee to carry on and evolve the legacy of Jeet Kune Do.

It’s Guro Inosanto’s 16th year with us at AMAA. Guro Dan Inosanto visits the Academy for a two day seminar every year, also spending time with the entire AMAA student body and his certified AMAA instructors; Senior Instructor Sifu Anderson, and Apprentice Instructors Simo Anderson, Sijo Jenel Stevens, Sihing Jim Flynn. Guro covers exiting topics like Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Silat and truly helps open the eyes of students all levels to the possibility of martial arts in all areas of combat.

Clark Gracie

AMAA is proud and excited to have Clark Gracie frequent the Academy several times a year, sometimes even bringing his father Gracie JiuJistu Redbelt Carley Gracie. Clark Gracie is the grandson of Carlos Gracie, the founder Gracie Jiujistu. Clark is an active competitor with World titles in the art of Brazilian Jiujitsu and a big part of the AMAA Gracie JiuJitsu curriculum. Andersons Martial Arts Academy is an official Team Clark Gracie-ATeam Academy.

Steve Maxwell – Gracie/ Brazilian JiuJitsu

There’s nothing new under the sun, it’s how you put it together,” says Steve Maxwell.

Every year AMAA holds several annual seminars, camps and workshops with the legendary Steve Maxwell, 6th degree Gracie Jiujitsu Blackbelt and legendary fitness and kettlebell master. His Brazilian JiuJitsu competition record includes several Pan American and World Championship gold medals.

Steve or ‘coach’ as we like to call him comes to AMAA several times a year and spends time with his AMAA family. He has been coming to Anderson’s Martial Arts and working with the staff and students here for over six years.

Grandmaster Atillo – Eskrima, Kali, Filipino Martial Arts

Grandmaster Atillo a legendary eskrimador and one of the only living master still alive from the days of Kali death matches in the Philippines. His form of Kali is effective and efficient, especially in a closer range setting and it molds seamlessly into the Inosanto Kali taught at AMAA. Grandmaster comes to AMAA annually, passing on his incredible perspective of the art and his lifelong mastery to all AMAA students, and to Sifu Anderson who is one of the ‘successor’ to his system.

Saekson Janjira – Muay Thai

Saekson Janjira is recognized as one of the best Muay Thai trainers in America, and he frequents Andersons martial Arts Academy several times a year with annual Muay Thai guest classes, seminars and workshops . Seakson has had over 200 Professional fights, and is inducted into the Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame, he is also a World Light Weight Professional Muay Thai Champion, International Sport Muay Thai Association (I.S.M.T.A.) Champion and World Kru Muay Association (W.K.M.A) Champion and • Intercontinental Champion of the (W.K.A).

Nicolas Saignac – Savate, Le Boxes Frances

Nicolas Saignac also holds a Silver Glove 2nd degree, the highest Savate rank in the US and French Cup Champion. he visits the Academy for a seminar annually. He also tests and ranks the AMAA staff and blackbelts in Savate.

After competing for six years in Savate as well as in Boxing, Nicolas retired from the ring to focus on teaching, coaching, judging and refereeing. Professor and holding teaching credentials from the Ministry of Sports in Savate and Boxing, . AMAA is proud to have him as an annual guest instructor and friend.