Our very own Yeyde De La Cruz and Jason O’Brien received their well and long deserved Brown Belts in Brazilian JiuJitsu last week! This makes four Brown Belts ranked under Sifu Anderson in the past several months. Anyone who has ever stepped on the mat knows the difficulty, painstaking work and dedication Brazilian JiuJitsu requires. These guys have dedicated all of that and more! They have been training under Sifu Anderson for a long time, Jason for 8 years and Yeyde for 12 years. Additionally they both train every other art that the AMAA curriculum offers.
We are all so proud to watch student grow and evolve, achieving not only new ranks and belts but reaching and surpassing personal accomplishments, goals and challenges.
For all of our AMAA students, no matter rank, the goal or the adversity – keep growing and keep going!
Life is a journey, not a destination.