Have you ever wondered what makes that guy or girl in the class next to you so successful in their martial art goals? What makes some people long term – life time, successful martial artists. Are there really conscious choices they make and things that they do that set them apart from everyone else? believe it or not, after years of being on the train floor, the pattern we see in successful people is fairly simple. It isn’t genetics, or special training… yes, you must have good training partners and be training in a real Academy of martial higher learning, but the rest of it is fairly simple. It’s as simple as good habits.

Good habits? yep, we found that it’s as simple as the following habits below:



1. Have a Growth Mindset

Successful martial artists know how to focus on the bright side of life, and how to have a mindset on the growth and positivity of every situation. That’s how they’re able to push through the toughest days, and get stronger, even from defeat.
Visualizing success is key. Truly teach yourself to picture it. Embody it, Live it and be it. Even if things don’t come naturally, a growth mindset is key. Picture yourself a month from this day, then three months, six and twelve. Picture this and simultaneously learn to build up self-belief and confidence.

2. They think positive (always, in all ways)

There is always two ways to view every situation: with positivity or negativity. In martial arts as in life we learn quickly that we don’t always have control over the situation, but there are always solutions. the first solution is to think positively – basically don’t give up at the first, second or third sight of defeat. We all have the power to think positive and make the most out of it. Negative thinking weighs us down – train yourself daily to get rid of it.


3. They are consistent in making smart and healthy choices for the long run

In order to maximize your performance in training, it’s crucial for you to take good care of your body. In order to make the body more resilient, it is crucial to take care of your body. After all, how can you do, or learn or execute anything if your body isn’t functioning well. Successful martial artists follow the basic rules, they make sure they get enough sleep, fuel up with proper whole and good nutrition, schedule in rest days after several back-to-back training sessions. they often meditate or destress by other good habits like reading of simply detaching. They treat their bodies with care and respect.

FullSizeRender3) They set short term goals and follow with long term goals

The best way to stay on track and move towards success is to set personal goals, in two very important forms. You can’y just set long term goals, for example, a blackbelt is a great goal to have, but its a long term goals, and you need to have short term goals in the process. Like stepping stones, these small goals, often just valuable to you will get you to that greater goal, the BIG one. Additionally the small goals will give you a clear view of where to go to and of course, motivate you in the process.

All successful martial artists understand the importance of goal settingBut it doesn’t stop there, they also constantly monitor themselves and keep tabs on their progress and their goals. They hold themselves accountable. Goals without action are dreams, hence, they don’t just think, they do.

4) They are consistently consistent, and they make the most out of their training

You have to work hard and stay dedicated in order to taste success, successful martial artists understand this. As a result, they make it a point to train consistently. Consistency is crucial, actually its the key to all success. Don’t just give it your all in the beginning and just fizzle out, instead give one-hundred percent each and every day.

Create a schedule, make sure it;s REALISTIC and you can uphold it, and hold yourself accountable to it – you’ll be shocked at the results!

5) They embrace mistakes and setbacks

It’s inevitable to make mistakes and deal with setbacks. In martial arts we learn that we are only human, and we’re all works-in-progress, all ways in all ways. The best part of this is that a work-in-progress can always be better, which means that you can always be better. The key is not to let these mistakes and setbacks affect us.

Successful martial artists understand that there’s no point getting disheartened and dwelling on things, instead, they learn from these situations and grow. When they do so, they can move forward and ultimately become the best version of themselves.