Today our very own home grown Shawn Perry Ellis signs his pro Muay Thai Debut four fight exclusive deal to Lion Fights!
Yep — that’s a 4 fight Lion Fights PRO debut fighting under his gym (the place where he started martial arts) Andersons Martial Arts Academy.

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It’s not always easy to pursue your goals and dreams – challenges are a part of the every day struggle, but with big hopes come even greater hurdles.
When Shawn joined the Academy over 5 years ago, he wasn’t looking to be a ‘fighter’ but hoping to build new skill, evolve as a person and find a strong and supportive community.
But, if you are keen to yourself your goals will undoubtably evolve, and so several years later Shawn began a fight career.

He worked hard and never complained about long hours at work or at the Academy. All feedback was taken by him and his ability to trust and listen and remain loyal built him a reputation as a valued staff member, friend, fighter and student.

Shawn was never scared to learn, listen or work hard.
To prove that, amiss a growing fight career he also took to the books and established through many late nights and early mornings a new and incredibly rewarding career as a paramedic. He wasn’t scared to study, test, commute from school to work to training and to push hard for his dreams.

Today Shawn wears the ATEAM logo across his chest, an EMT credential behind his name and a Pro-Fighter in the bright lights of the ring. He is also an instructor at AMAA and always a student, a friend and a passionate martial artist.

And so, quality speaks for itself

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