We all know the term, a black-belt is a whittle that never quite. Well, at least martial artists know the term. And so, of course we are most impressed with all of our AMAA students when they reach this incredible level – after all martial arts training is not easy – but neither is anything in life thats worth it. And so, Anderson’s Martial Arts New York City is proud to quote Sifu Anderson today,

“It is with great honor and pride that I awarded Alex Paik the level of Black Belt. He’s been consistently training at AMAA for the past 5 years! His dedication, skill and loyalty are unsurpassed. He has also dedicated themselves to the family that is AMAA.

I know I have the expectations and standards that are the most high, some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. Like a blacksmith pounding a piece of red-hot metal, hard and intricate training shapes and changes your body and mind. It is only through continuous hard work that an ordinary object can become a sword. For those who start martial arts training, only about 5% stick with it until they achieve the Black Belt rank. Then perhaps 80% of those who earn a Black Belt stop there. I know every Black Belt I make will keep training and growing. Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Love is gained. And Loyalty is returned. Congratulations again to Alex Paik!