Our very own Blue Jung takes GOLD at the IBJJF Brazilian JiuJitsu tournamnet and we could not be more excited or proud! Being one of the oldest first in New York City to teach Gracie JiuJitsu, we are very proud having one of the best Brazilian JiuJitsu curriculums and programs in NYC.

Blue has been a loyal and valuable part of the Anderson’s community and family for over five years. Her dedication to the arts, as well as her goals have been an example to all of us. As many of you know Blue did not start training BJJ at an early age, she actually just started 5 years ago! Plus she has a full time job, teaches KB classes and has countless other responsibilities- however she has always maintained her goals… the hard (and fun) earned work of which can be seen here, as she stands with a gold medal around her neck.

 #TeamAMAA #FamilyAMAA