It has been an eventful summer so far! 
A few weeks ago Anderson’s Martial Arts students had the great honor to spend the weekend with Gracie JiuJitsu 9th degree Red-belt Carley Gracie and his son Brazilian JiuJitsu World Champion Clark Gracie.
We would like to thank Clark Gracie for helping and teaching all of the AMAA students this weekend with his father. 
During the seminar Sifu Anderson also had the great honor to promote several very deserving belts. These students have not only dedicated themselves to training the art of Brazilian JiuJitsu, but they also dedicated themselves to the family that is Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy. Their skill level, love and understanding for the art is something that everyone can see, and no one can ever take away from them! #ATeam 
Congratulations Again To:

Anatoly Fayngelerin on his promotion to Purple Belt 
Devon Dossantos on his promotion to Purple Belt 
Malcolm Callaghan on his promotion to Blue Belt 
Henry Watkins on his promotion to Blue Belt
Bryce Biederman on his promotion to Blue Belt