As you know at AMAA we are always making sure our students get the very best, world class martial educations. This month Sifu Anderson had two very special Brazilian JiuJitsu blackbelts come out to do exclusive seminars and workshops (FREE) for AMAA students.

Fifth degree BJJ Blackbelt Steve Maxwell hosted a Gracie Self Defense workshop. World Champion Clark Gracie spent the entire week at AMAA, training, doing privates and teaching two super insightful Brazilian JiuJitsu workshops.

Training in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes will give you the skills and strategy to beat a much larger and stronger opponent using principles of leverage and movement. You will learn how to control and dominate your opponent on the ground until you can either get to a position where you can rain blows upon them unchecked or apply an agonizing joint submission or choke.

You will also learn how to escape from any bad position you may find yourself in and the skills to avoid being taken to the ground at all. If you do end up on the ground, you will gain the ability to end up on top, every time!

We have BJJ Gi & No-Gi Classes for all levels. If you are interested in trying a FREE Brazilian JiuJitsu class please email us at

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Thank you everyone for participating!

If you are interested in taking Brazilian JiuJitsu at AMAA, just email us for a free one-on-one intro or free class: