Rogelio Castillo wins his past two Muay Thai fights, in November by way of 2nd round TKO and in December by way of decision.

Rogelio has been a dedicated student of Anderson’s Martial Arts for the past three years. He rarely misses a day of training and the only place you can really find him in the Academy is way behind the boxing ring, hitting the heavy bags for what sometimes seems like hours on end.

Rogelio came to AMAA with little English skills and no previous martial art training. Faster then most he was able to advance to the Advanced Mauy Thai class, where he often had to spar with guys two times his size. Besides being a dedicated fighter Rogelio often stays to help with AMAA charity events and jumps into beginner classes to help new students whenever needed. Sifu Anderson, the staff and all the student value Rogelio’s dedication and we consider him a family member, a friend and even an inspiration to new students, Rogelio is only 135 pounds.

We all know that big things are ahead for Rogelio and we cant wait to be there to see him achieve them!