Congratulations to the all the students that tested this last Thursday March 13th, 2014.

The belt test is a time to celebrate your achievements, prepare for a future of opportunities and embrace a world of infinite possibilities. ‘A White-belt is a Black-belt that never quit!’


Phase 1

Joseph Ferra Yellow Belt

Adonis Williams Yellow Belt

Bryce Biederman Yellow Belt

Adam Souza Yellow Belt

Hana Sakamoto Yellow Belt

Basilio Montillo Yellow Belt

Aaron Perez Yellow Belt

Amari Clarke Yellow Belt

Phase 1 Intermediate  

Alex Cheng Orange Belt

Erin Valentin Orange Belt

Mara Valmonte Orange Belt

Alessia Gatti Orange Belt

Brian Rivera Orange Belt

Harsh Sinha Orange Belt

Joe Berger Orange Belt

Jason Luke Orange Belt

Xeitaruti Cibanakan Orange Belt

Crystal Burrell Orange Belt

Danielle Reynolds Orange Belt

Dina Cataldi Orange Belt

Vivien zhang  Orange Belt

Dash Montane  Orange Belt

Phase 2  

Su Lin Watson Green Belt

Christina Mamangakis Green Belt

Sydney Masters Green Belt

James Stafford Green Belt

Martin Boresma Green Belt

William Hewes  Green Belt

Adam Waltner  Green Belt

Andrei malachowicz  Green Belt

Zhen Jin  Green Belt

Najeeb Jones  Green Belt

Anthony cruz Green Belt   Colo Taskowitz Green Belt