At some point of your martial arts adventure, you probably stopped to wonder whether or not you’ve made progress. Well, if you really look back and remember how you started off on your first day, th answer would probably be very, very clear.

We at AMAA remember when a young and enthusiastic girl walked through our doors. Her name is Dina and from the moment we met her we knew she was special.
Honestly every single person that chooses to devote themselves to martial arts is special. We are all uniquely different and yet, martial artists share this common thread of hard work, open-mindedness, enthusiasm and love. Dina possessed all of those qualities.

15156942_1291017674263463_1925248079832997544_oShe also worked extremely hard and while taking every single 7pm Muay Thai class, staying after to train, coming in early to shadow box and stretch she approached Sifu Anderson which the hopes of competing.
That was her goal and she was going to work towards it with the support of Sifu and the staff, teach and students of Andersons Martial Arts Academy.

Finally, after training hard and learning, a year and a half after she stepped in her first real Muay Thai class at AMAA she had her first match scheduled. Sifu Anderson found her the perfect match, another female fighter who was been training two years. Dina’s fight was set.

Last week, she made weight and proud stepped in the ring.
And, with Sifu’s cornering Dina brought home the win in a unanimous decision!

We could not be more proud of Dina or her incredible dedication to her goals, her learning, the Academy and the art of Muay thai.

4 Simple Ways To Know If You Are Growing As A Martial Artist

You’ve stopped trying to “be better” than anyone else and just began to focus on your own development ; When you first started training, you might have compared yourself to others and as a result, found yourself trying to “be better” than them. Unfortunately, this is a very tiring – not to mention, unhealthy – process.

img_2682You have been able to stay committed to your goals even when you’re not at the Academy; Martial arts, when done right seeps into every single part of your life. It begins to shape and mold everything around you, every decision and every action in a positive and motivating way.

You have become open to learning and listening; most people stop learning and listening out of necessity once they finish college and get a job. after that you can coast air you make a very personal effort to keep learning, , martial arts is no different. You know when you’re becoming a real martial artist when you crave learning, and when you can detect the quality of a great instructor.

You are comfortable taking responsibility for your actions; Once you are a real martial artist, you take responsibility for all actions, it doesn’t mean you get down on yourself, but it does mean that is you missed training or had an unproductive day you own it, and your make up for it because you want to.
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