Before we even begin:
Fact: 76 % of altercations envolve weapons of some sort. These are FBI, DEA and police department statistics. In other words when a fight begins, the first visceral response someone has is to reach around them and grab something. This something can be a tire iron, a crow bar, a pocket knife a mag lite, a broken bottle, a pool cue etc… etc..
  • You must know how to defend against a weapon.
  • You must also know how to pick up an ‘equalizier’ (weapon) to level the playing field between yourself and a much larger, stronger, more aggressive opponent.
Why Should I Include Kali In My Training? 

How about this, this exact system that you learn at AMAA is the same system that is used by our U.S. Navy SEAL teams, the FBI, DEA, and over 50 police departments across America. Yes, they also learned it from the lineage of Guro Inosanto, several of his certified instructors including Sifu Anderson have been on the Navy Seal base training our military. 
The only way to beat a larger, stronger, more aggressive opponent is:
with an equalizer. Kali teaches you how to even the odds with a larger and stronger person by using a weapon to defend yourself. In reality knowing how to use a weapon can be the defining factor in your self defense. You cannot  rely only on punching or even takedowns and grappling to help you against a larger opponent. 
Is Kali training at AMAA for me? 
Filipino Martial Arts have something to benefit everyone. Developed for “mass attack” as well as single opponent confrontations, the training heightens student’s awareness of their surroundings and teaches them to use their environment as tools of combat. Everyday objects, such as umbrellas, books, bandannas, etc., become effective means of self-defense in the hands of a properly trained individual. Use of left and right hand techniques develop coordination. Drills and techniques taught in a fluid, non-restrictive manner allow students to enhance their natural attributes and improve their sense of timing, speed, awareness, balance, agility, and confidence.
In fact we are so confident you’ll love our Weapons Classes, we welcome you to use post email to do 1 full free day of Weapons and  Street Fighting classes at AMAA!
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What Can I Expect From Training Kali At AMAA?
I think that the very best way we can answer this question is visually:
Take a look at Sifu Anderson (yes, your Sifu) doing a live knife demo… and that was over a decade ago! He’s been training and perfecting even more in the past decade. 
This CLICK HERE  is exactly why you should be training Kali (yes, that’s a live, sharp blade). 
This art looks familiar?

Yes, the art has also been widely used in many popular action movies such as:

  • The Bourne Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum & Legacy (Matt Damon)
  • Mission Impossible 4 (Tom Cruise)
  • Resident Evil (Milla Jollovich)
  • The Book Of Eli (Denzel Washington)
  • Spartacus (Showtime Series)
  • Star Wars (Episodes I, II & III)

There is a major reason this art was used in the movies above: because it works. Not only does it look good on camera, but it’s effectivness is battle-tested in real life situations. Books, keys, pens, and other everyday props can become very dangerous weapons in the hands of a trained Kali student.

as207-3a906043-e289-4e24-aae3-9706c6ab3f89-v2Did Bruce Lee Study Kali?
Yes! The method itself was created by Guru Dan Inosanto, protege & best friend of the late Bruce Lee himself as well as the choreographer of many of the above movies. Sifu Dan Anderson, head instructor of Kali classes at Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy, is certified by Guru Inosanto to teach the Inosanto Lacoste method.

What Will I Be Learning?

How to Kick ass and look cool of course!

Areas of the art covered at AMAA in your classes

  • Single Stick
  • Double Stick
  • Single Knife
  • Double Knife
  • Panantuken (Filipino Boxing)
  • Staff/ Spear Axe
  • Throwing Weapons (Darts/Knives/etc.)

Filipino Martial Arts (Kali) are covered in the following classes:

  • Jeet Kune Do (JKD) 1, 2 and 3
  • Weaponry
  • Panantuken
  • Street Fighting


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