Last night our AMAA Jeet Kune Do & Filipino Martial Arts Students

Tested For Their Ranking 

Some Very Incredible Deserving Students Earned Their Belts Last Night


A big congratulations to everyone who tested in their JeetKuneDo & Filipino Martial Arts curriculum last night.

Phase 1

Jonathan Gettinger Yellow Belt Trysha Le Yellow Belt
Zih-Ying Yong Yellow Belt
Kasiet Turatbeka Yellow Belt Roberto Buchelli Yellow Belt Aaron Lloyd Yellow Belt
Michael Haygood Yellow Belt Julia Maggio Yellow Belt
Josh Morgenstern Yellow Belt Alex Karnal Yellow Belt
Blair Wheatley Yellow Belt
John Lima-Thompson Yellow Belt

Phase 1 Advanced
Yong Yi Kong Orange Belt   Serena Cheng Orange Belt   Juan Medina Orange Belt   Paul Salas Orange Belt Efrain Vera   Orange Belt James Wong Orange Belt    David Vander Orange Belt  Jared Shapiro Orange Belt   Malik Porteous Orange Belt   Semuel Brown Orange Belt

Phase 2
Addie Fasel Green Belt     Will Tsao Green Belt

Dijon Parker Green Belt Ida   Rae Zapanta Green Belt

You all represent the arts now, and like so many before you you’re responsible for them… so uphold then greatly and with honor, strength and passion. Be gentle with your knowledge, but never fault from it. Be brave and always, always keep an open mind and a loyal trusting spirit. Stay true, stay focused and keep on the path… For it is ongoing and beautiful and never ending.

— Sifu & Simo and the entire AMAA staff and family!