1. What Inspires You To Train?
My inspiration for training has varied throughout the years from external to internal factors. I try to keep a healthy balance between the two so that I can keep a healthy state of mind and strong spirit. I enjoy doing character studies on individuals examing their styles and influences. I try to see what there life situation was and how they responded to it.

I also like to exam the creativity factor of certain individuals to see where they draw there resources from. How they manage to create opportunities for themselves and more importantly to me is how they manage to help others change through their medium be it fitness or sharing an art form.

The internal inspiration comes from my many different spiritual studies and leaders I have interacted with through out the years. I also feel my ability to transform my emotions from lifes events into a positive action that will yield successful results a limitless source of energy.

2. How Has Martial Arts Changed Your Life? Your Perspective?.
Martial arts has been a way of life for me for as long as I can remember. It has always helped me to stay self aware and sensitive to others as well. I believe good martial arts practice will always build not just a stronger individual but a stronger community. Seeking different philosophies has allowed me to always explore the arts in a non-biased manner. This I feel is one of the most valuable assets one should seek as a martial artist especially if they want to have longevity.

3. What Inspires You To Teach?
My inspiration to teach comes from many sources. The preservation of the arts and its development is always there for me but also that I feel something special in the connection people make when learning the arts together. Feeling the difference it can make in ones life not just in health but emotional wellbeing is priceless. We often joke that it is our therapy but its real trust me!

4. How Did You Find Martial Arts?
The arts found me lol as long as I can remember I was surrounded by the arts. That is a whole other story in itself.

5. What Is Your Single Most Defining Factor In Training?
Balance in every aspect of your life. Truly understanding how each factor can transcend your entire being is an art that will take a life time.

6. What Was Your Biggest Hurdle In Martial Arts? And How Did You Get Over It?
Learning to trust the technique and relax. I used to rely on conditioning to much but as I became more experienced I realized this is a fading asset. Its very important but I have come to find one millimeter of technique can determine life or death.

7. Whats On Your Play List In Class?
My playlist is not ran in class I tend to let others control that aspect and keep that part of my life personal.

8. What Classes Do You Teach? And Which Do You Train?
I teach Brazilian Jiujitsu, judo and wrestling at Anderson’s Martial Arts. Personally I also love outdoor cycling and hunting bridges seeking new trails to climb. Swimming in the ocean and running on the beach.

9. One Go To Move?
My goto technique / style – Brazilian jiujitsu, judo, wrestling? Well variety is the spice of life and the element of suprise is the deadliest of all but then again the saying in shaolin goes “I dont fear the man with a thousand techniques but the man who practices one technique a thousand times.”

11. How Do You Get Your Training In, Even On The Busiest Week?
Training is my way of life so this isnt a question.

12. How Has Martial Arts Transformed Your Body, Your Health, Your Mind, Your Ability, Your Confidence?
Martial arts has always been a part of my life and I am always transforming that’s why I love and cherish it so much. The results are always there. You just have to earn it and so it teaches you that you reap what you sow.

13. Why Should I Try Your Class?
Because you can and you owe it to yourself and your future generations. The fact that you have the ability to change your life and others by learning and sharing something special will always make you feel better about yourself.

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