Your friend: “What are you doing today?“

You: “Training 

Your friend: Why?” Again??!”

If you’ve had this conversation one too many times, you’ll know that you’re a true martial artist – or becoming one. You’ve found a new and very personal meaning to your life, a reason to get up in the morning and the best way to spend those evenings after work.

But how do you explain this to your family? co-workers? friends? loved ones? – while you really can’t, we have an Andersons Martial Arts video that may help them understand truly, that Martial Arts has ‘something for everyone’.

Here’s What Happens When You Become A Martial Artist

Whichever way martial arts influences you, inspires you and makes you smile in the middle of a hectic week – martial artists are happy and often very successful and fulfilled people. And here are the signs that you are joining those ranks;

1) You’ve become more focused. 

The more you train martial arts, the better you become at focusing on your goals. You know that hard work and discipline will help you achieve your goals faster, and martial arts helps you establish discipline in countless other areas of your life.

You become so used to goal setting and staying focused at training, doing the same at work personal life or school becomes easier. Martial arts helps you realize what it takes to accomplish a task and you’ll stop at nothing till you’ve completed it.

2) You’ve become more humble. 

When you train martial arts, you’ll come across training partners of many different levels and backgrounds. Some may be athletically gifted, some may be more technical – there will always be someone to challenge you and to inspire you.

Training at the right (qualified, safe, expert Academy) you get used to this setting, and you become more accepting of yourself as a martial artist and as a person. You’re suddenly with making mistakes once in awhile because that’s just the way it is. What’s important is that you learn from these mistakes and turn them into strengths later on.

3) You’ve become more zen. 

Many people believe that training martial arts makes a person more violent. Nothing can be less true.

A true martial artist is the complete opposite of violence. In fact, a true martial artists will aim to walk away from getting into fights and useless confrontations. Instead you become more in control of your emotions, and thoughts.

4) You’ve become more fit and health conscious. 

Training martial arts on a regular schedule will not only benefit you mentally, spiritually and emotionally, but also physically. You become so focused on learning and improving the techniques you’ve been taught in class, that you don’t notice all the weight you’ve been losing and that muscle you’ve been gaining – how much better you move and feel. How aware you are of your body.

5) You’ve become friends with amazing people. 

When you train martial arts, you’ll meet people on the same journey as you. They put in as much effort as you do, talk about martial arts the same way you do and they are usually open minded and fun. And through martial arts, you truly begin to care about one another, and about your training partners.

There is nothing like sparking a friendship with like-minded individuals.

6) You’ve become more confident. 

The confidence you get from training martial arts is undeniable. Not only do you feel secure about the way you feel and look, but also about being prepared for a compromising situation.

The determination and focus you inherit from the mental aspect of training martial arts also has a huge effect on your confidence level.

7) You are becoming mentally unbreakable. 

One of the greatest gifts that all martial artists inherit from daily training is the strengthening of the mind, body, and soul. Training will forge a warrior spirit within you that is unbreakable. In life, we will encounter failures, setbacks, obstacles, and so much more, martial arts teaches you how to deal with those obstacles and keep going. It also teaches us how to must also conquer our fears, doubts, and insecurities.

There’s no doubt that training martial arts everyday has a tremendous effect on your life, inside and outside the training floor. The changes may not be instantaneous, but they could definitely change the very way you live your life.

So tell us, when will you start training martial arts? Or why haven’t you started yet?

At Andersons Martial Arts Academy martial arts is for everyone, with every goal.
For those of us who have already started training martial arts, we understand that the value of training is infinite. In truth it surpasses any one element, and somehow enhances everything we do; from our personal life, to business, mental fortitude and physical health.

The right martial arts training at the right (safe, expert level, accredited Academy) not only enhances health, strength and mobility, but also builds self confidence, discipline and self defense.