It is too often that people think martial arts is specific to an age, a gender, an athletic build, or a persons size. In reality, martial arts is for everyone; all ages, genders, sizes, goals. In fact Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy prides itself on being an extremely diverse community. This week, one of Sifu Anderson’s private clients, Scott Glenn (yes the movie actor and Daredevil’s teacher in the new hit Marvel show) age 78 was featured in the New York Times – showing everyone that martial arts is for anyone willing to learn and dedicate themselves to their goals. Whatever those goals may be.


In case you missed picking up a copy of the New York Times this Sunday.

It is always a great honor to work with serious and dedicated people, and to expose the community to the deep value and diversity of martial arts.

In the past 21 years at AMAA Sifu Anderson has trained an incredible assortment of individuals, many of who we know and love in film and music, politics and business and sports.

Much thanks to Scott Glenn and to the New York Times for this wonderful piece.

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from article;

As Mr. Anderson counted from one to nine, Mr. Glenn practiced a two-knife movement called “defanging the snake” on Mr. Anderson’s protected forearm, before attempting a feigned stab or slice in a vulnerable body part like the armpit, the jugular or the groin.

When creating a routine for the actor, Mr. Anderson considers Mr. Glenn’s “body geometry,” which dictates his range of movement, as well as his age, his speed and his left-handedness. He also works in a few “high-percentage movements” that can prove debilitating or even fatal if necessary in real life.

“Martial arts builds the mind, the body, and the spirit,” Mr. Anderson said. “The mind becomes very strong just from a memory standpoint.

Photography: Hiroko Masuike || Article: KATHRYN SHATTUCK || The New York Times


Inspired by Scott Glenn?
7 Signs Martial Arts Will Forever Be A Part Of Your Life

With so many things out there to discover and immerse in, it is a very special moment when you realize that you have found that one thing that you know will be a constant in your life.
For those who have stumbled upon martial arts, perhaps you’ve just started training or have been doing so for a long time, you will be happy to know that there are some basic signs that will help you identify if martial arts will forever inspire your life.

1) You see martial arts as more then just fighting, or getting in shape or passing time
One way to test where you’re going to go in your martial arts journey is by figuring out just how far you have come. Has training made you calmer, happier, more perceptive, healthier? If you are identifying your training with a deep growth, something deeper then a momentary win or a better body, then you are headed in the direction of martial arts longevity.

2) You’ve turned your training into a very fulfilling habit
If you regularly take class, then there’s a good chance that you’ve established a healthy habit of training regularly. That means you don’t feel like you’re making time for training, or like you are forcing yourself to do something you do not want to do. Once you have established a routine you are far less likely to lose momentum – instead you will grow both physically and mentally. and establish a healthy habit for a lifetime.

3) You miss training whenever you’re away from your Academy
Because you enjoy training, you miss it. But it is because you get a deeper sense of self fulfillment from training that you feel like you need it in your life.

4) You recognize, and value all the lessons you’ve learned through martial arts
Through your training, you’re able to constantly learn and grow as a martial artist and as a person. The lessons you get in your training can be insightful, humbling, uplifting – and you see the value in all of it. Hence, you know that martial arts has ultimately shaped you into a better, stronger person, and you truly value your time spent training. With the goal to continuously improve by 1% everyday, there’s no doubt that you’re in this for the long haul!

5) You’d rather be training
You’re simply passionate about it. Apart from loving it wholeheartedly, you find that you’d choose training over the things that didn’t bring you as much value or joy – be it partying the weekend away, or binge watching the latest TV series, most often you would rather be training. However, you dont let training overwhelm you because you know that it will awlays be with you – deeply rooted into everything you do.

6) You feel at home and calm whenever you’re at your Academy
Because you’ve put so much effort and genuine love into your training it has practically become your second home – and a place you go to regardless of your mood. Your training buddies have seen you at your best and worst, and are always there for you as you are for them.

7) You are more open to learning and evolving then ever before
At some point, you might have realized that training has become a huge part of your life – and you can’t imagine what your life would be like without it. You have become more open to learning, accepting and putting in hard work. You feel like a better more complete and happier you.