Belt Testing Time!

A huge congratulations to everyone that tested this past week.
It has been an incredible journey for each of you thus far, and all of us here at AMA would like to thank you for letting us be a part of it, and congratulate you for putting in the hard work to make your goals a reality. We cannot wait to see how much further you will all go, and we are proud to have you as a part of our AMAA family.

Remember; Every accomplishment starts with a decision. And every great decision helps fulfill a lifetime of pride and joy.

So, lets keep going A Team family 🙂



A Huge Congrats To


Phase 1 Intermediate
Richard Hooper Yellow Belt
Christopher Mendez Yellow Belt
Leonardo Benitez Yellow Belt
Jane Deng Yellow Belt
Robert Jones Yellow Belt
Giacomo Bolon Yellow Belt
Greg Gildea Yellow Belt
Maureen Pratt Yellow Belt
Joe Bruno Yellow Belt
Marilou Villar Yellow Belt

Phase 1 Advanced
Jonathan Gettinger Orange Belt
Trysha Le Orange Belt
Zih-Ying Yong Orange Belt
Roberto Buchelli Orange Belt
Aaron Lloyd Orange Belt
Josh Morgenstern Orange Belt
John Lima-Thompson Orange Belt
Karyn LeSuer Orange Belt
James Wong Orange Belt
Amado Fernandez Orange belt
Jean Chung Orange belt


Yong Yi Kong Green Belt
Serena Cheng Green Belt
Juan Medina Green Belt
Paul Salas Green Belt
David Vander Green Belt
Jared Shapiro Green Belt
Kasiet Turatbekova Green Belt
Jocelyn Medina Green Belt
Alex Karnal Green Belt
Blair Wheatley Green Belt


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