AMAA’s newest (and arguably coolest) martial arts class 
will be launching next Wednesday
Watch out NYC and AMAA Martial Arts students
We are super excited to announce our newest weapons sparring class, for all levels from the complete beginner to the AMAA senior student.
The class will be run by Sifu Anderson and the senior AMAA staff.
TIME: Wednesday nights between 7 and 8pm
Learn more about AMAA’s weapons (Kali) classes here
To try a full free day at AMAA including this class simply email our senior staff instructor
Augustus Hiessey (please title email Free Day At AMAA)

Mandatory Equipment Checklist:
1. Two knok knives
2. Two foam padded sticks
3. Protective eye gear
4. Gloves (boxing or lacross/ street hockey)
*All equipment can be found at the AMAA pro shop

Weapons Sparring – All Levels Welcome

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Always remember, if you have any questions or concerns make sure to speak to one of the staff members. We are always here to help.