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***Please note that Brazilian JiuJitsu w/gi classes you must have a go. Advanced Jeet Kune Do 2& 3 are not open to visiting students. Kettlebell Kickboxing classes are not included, and CFC is scheduled to availability. For a trial kids class, please choose the dates with appropriate ages (see kids MMA page for details or call/ email us).

 ABOUT US   (scroll down to see what you can expect from each class)

 We have been teaching martial arts in NYC for over two decades- thats 20 years! With the TOP quality staff, expertise and instruction. We actually have a huge diversity of people that are training in our classes. Our programs are very unique, as we have options in both martial sport,  martial combat training and peak fitness. Please read below to see how you can choose the correct program for your needs. If you would like further assistance in choosing the correct program for your goals, be it competition, self defense, health & weight loss or a specific art, please read about the free introductory lesson below. To view our facility or any of our classes, please come in anytime we are open for a full tour.

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Jeet Kune Do Phase I   Using Bruce lee’s Jeet Kune Do principles, along with our extensive expertise in Muay Thai, Kali, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Filipino martial Arts, Savate and more… this class offers training that will introduce the beginner level student to the curriculum by emphasizing basic core tools of combat, each art, and attribute development in all areas of combat- from .

Weapons: Filipino Martial Arts (Kali) Extremely effective, battle tested weapons-based system: knife, stick, double stick, and later staff. Our Academy is teaches and blends  Inosanto-Locasto and Balintawak. Sifu Anderson also teaches his stick grappling progressions and self defense weapons curriculum.

Boxing Class Boxing that utilizes head-butts, knees, elbows, and sweeps. Traditionally called “dirty boxing,” this is boxing with a street fighting kick! One of the best ways to learn and use boxing, while still keeping the self-defense edge in your training. Due to its versatility this class is commonly taken by those interested in Boxing,  Muay Thai and Jeet Kune Do.

JKD Street-fighting Bruce Lee’s theories and principles on street-fighting – learn how to function in all 4 ranges of fighting. This is a scenario-based, rapid assault tactic class. We are the ONLY school certified to teach this art under the lineage of Guro Dan Inosanto in Manhattan.Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  Gi & No Gi     The most effective ground fighting art; gives you the strength to beat a much larger, stronger opponent using principles of leverage and  movement. Luckily we have had a great variety of BJJJ influences and instructors. Sifu Anderson’s black belt in BJJ and currently, other fighters and BJJ instructors that visit the Academy in order to give our students the most complete knowledge of the current BJJ evolution .

Muay Thai    Simple and brutally effective! Effective striking-based arts. This art mixes western style boxing and devastating kicks with close-range techniques such as elbows and knees. We were the first to offer Muay Thai in NYC- 17 years ago. Our program is still one of the best and most comprehensive.

Mixed Martial Arts    Bringing together Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling, to teach the most effective empty-hand combat. Yes, all levels of experience are welcome… and no you do not have to want to be a fighter in order to take this class. If you are interested in competition, we have produced pro and amateur champions as well as trained and have held seminars with many UFC fighters.

Kettlebell classes: CFC (Coed Fighter Conditioning)  Master level trainers Dasha L Anderson, MS, NASM–PES, NASE, M-KBIA & Jenel Stevens MS, CSCS, M-KBIA take you and teach you all about the very principles of Conditioning your body. Kettlebells, non-impact plyos, Calisthetics, bars, indian clubs and more!  Survive this class and you will be better in your gym knowledge and training understanding.

Little Dragons MMA Our Children’s program is the only one in Manhattan that teaches the Bully Proof System and combines our arts into a Little Dragons  striking, ground and weapons curriculum.  Traditionally we offer world class training in Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts, Mauy Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing. Sifu and his staff specialize in teaching both adults and children.  Our kids program starts with kids age 6, and continues through age 12, at which point the children can graduate into our Phase class.   Self discipline, confidence, awareness, self defense, competition, mental and physical fitness and mastery can all be achieved through our curriculums.

COMPETITION TEAM TRAINING takes place during and after specific AMAA classes. Most typically fighters are asked to attend the classes that are specific to their areas of competition. Additionally Sifu Anderson, Sihing Cruz, and other members of the AMAA coaching staff conduct Team Training & Sparring Tuesday & Thursdays 8pm and Saturdays 2pm and 3pm. (day time training hours are available for fighters that work at night).

Weight-Loss & Conditioning takes place in all of our classes. No matter what your goals, martial arts is a huge workout. It is actually of the the most effective, functional and fun ways to get fit, drop massive weight and get lean! Countless students have reached and surpassed their fitness goals by training our Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Wrestling, Phase and other topic classes. Additionally we offer a co-ed kettlebell conditioning class on Thursdays at 7pm. Our down stairs gym area is also,  always open for your use.

Kettlebell Kickboxing  is a FEMALE only Kick-Ass class. Finally, a program where you can train, look and feel like a fighter, without getting hit or bruised like one. Kettlebell Kickboxing combines the sleek and deadly motions of Muay Thai with the power and strength of Russian kettle bell training in a NON-impact fitness class.  This is THE fitness program tailor made for the modern, do-it-all female. We are warriors in life, why not train with the same excitement, intensity and achievement?