Quality of instruction doesn’t just come from anywhere and anyone…
*Be very pick with where you choose to train. Do your research.


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About Quality of Instruction in Martial Arts

Anyone can ‘teach’ something cool and elaborate, but is that what the student needs at the meant – that decision makes a true teacher.

The biggest issue we see with countless recent martial art graduates opening schools is the simple inexperience, and the self gratification element of teaching. People want to show off and look cool instead of developing their students correctly.

Just because a person aquired a certain rank or status does not make you qualified to teach.
In fact true teaching is in the development of a student, giving them not what they want but drilling in the basic essentials of what they need. True teaching means a=often holding back the fancy stuff until the practitioner is ready.

At Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy in NYC we aim first to open the mind to a routing concept, teaching the student to problem solve at a basic level. Drilling the quality of movement and delivery system of techniques. The goal is application and execution of the basics.

Anyone can ‘show’ fancy stuff that means absolutely nothing but looks cool, but most of those things don’t every apply to developing solid practitioners in the first stages of their development.

At Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy we are proud to be doing this (teaching and  developing our students) for over two decades. What’s more is that we don’t just prepare them for competition or a show, but we prepare them for every day life. We emphasize quality solid self defense, to the application of the arts in any way our students see fit; mentally, spiritually, physically.

Having learned directly from people like Guro Dan Inosanto and Rickson Gracie and countless others Sifu Anderson is always grateful and proud to have like-minded REAL teachers and mentors frequent the school with their knowledge – contributing to our students the attention to detail they need… the rest only comes with time.
In the video above you see good friend and visiting Andersons guest instructor Carlos Sapao teaching during an amazing AMAA Gracie/ Brazilain JiuJitsu workshop.
So much love and thanks to Sapao for his perspective, knowledge and kindness, and for an amazing class.

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FYI: 90% of students coming into our doors to learn started in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s 50’s and 60’s with no prior experience.