As martial artists we are always trying to push ourselves further towards our goals. Because of this we have to be very keen to our self imposed limitations.
What are self imposed limitations? 

If we face the facts, the actual workout itself is not at all the most difficult part of this journey. It is the mental aspects of training that people struggle with, and also the reason why many of us fail.
Most  people actually fail at taking the steps towards their goals.
They want to do something, but they never ‘get around’ to doing it.
They postpone it and put it off until they are (supposedly) ‘too old’, ‘too busy’, ‘too out of shape’ to live out a dream or a goal. 
Until the dream fades away…


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So, lets answer the question… What Limits You? 

Think you have reached your full potential? There is your limit right there!
 Anyone who believes that their best is behind them is clearly limiting themselves. When a person sets a limit, he or she puts a limit on what is possible. When a person makes an excuse, he or she believes the excuse, lives the excuse and makes the excuse a part of them.
You have your entire life to reach and go past your limits – doing something that pushes you and gets you out of your comfort zone will make you better.
Think you are too old, to busy, too out of shape to start your dream – WRONG!
Adjust your standards and adjust to whom you compare yourself to. Don’t look to your friends and co-workers who are busy and tired. Look at the person you look up to for trying something new. Guro Inosanto was 50 years old when he first started Brazilian JiuJitsu, at 77 he is still training every day, and teaching the art at blackbelt.  May Wong is a student at our school, she has two kids, is a single mom and has a full time job that sometimes takes her into the weekends- she says training gives her energy and joy, and health.
You think you aren’t ‘in shape’
You can not ‘get in shape’ for martial arts, we’ll do that. You don’t have to be athletic, young – you just need to have a passion for life. Don’t limit yourself.

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Set personal goals and set them as high as the sky- you only have one life- LIVE it!

– Sifu Anderson

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