For years, people compared themselves to people they admire. People who seemed to be doing everything you dream of doing — writing, speaking, training martial arts, traveling the world and using their gifts to make a real contribution to others.

If you’ve ever done this, you know how truly miserable it can feel.

You imagined the ‘successful’ people had all these resources that you didn’t have. Things like more money, all the right connections, an ability to focus that just wasn’t a part of personal qualities.

But guess what, most of these people worked very hard to get to where they are – but hard work is often not the only thing – lots of people use martial arts training to help them reagin and reestablish their life – in and outside the training floor.

And so, Andersons Martial Arts Academy would like to HIGHLIGHT our very own staff instructor and Andersons student Shawn Ellis-
who took home another win in his BIG debut in Lions Fight Promotions in Foxwoods this past weekend.
And, just so that you guys know how clearly martial arts has helped Shawn focus and really build a future for himself, at the same time that Shawn was training for the fight he was also teaching classes at AMAA and going to night school to become an EMT.

Brett Hlavacek was also on the card as the co-main event and he gave an incredible performance.