Last week our very own #ATeam family members Shawn Perry Ellis and Johnny Love Pina took to the ring…
We are very proud to say that both fighters displayed a great level of class, passion, grit and skill as they both dominated gracefully and won their fights.  

Shawn took home the WKA Muay Thai 147lb NY State Champion Belt. 

The heart of a warrior is not a lonely place, for true battle takes trust, loyalty, honor and peace, yes, peace to win. Each warrior leaves his mark on his own will, and he understands that the human spirit is greater with love, loyalty and trust then it is with empty rage.
We are proud to say that our Andersons family is strong and victorious because of their faith in the team, the family, the training and in turn themselves… and with this type of mentality we win before we ever enter the ring, because we know that no matter the outcome, our family (our team) will always stand by our side, to celebrate victory or to work for a greater day (or both).  Additionally many thnx to Friday Night Fights for a great show and a shot at the title! To @sifudananderson for his patient passion and the community he’s created, to all of the AMAA family (our students), our training partners and the whole #ATeam 

Here’s Are The Nights Highlights 

Shawn Wins The WKA 147lb NY State Champion Belt


Johnny Love Pina Wins His 5 Round Match  In A Unanimous Decision


Sifu Anderson (happily) Loses His Voice 

Coaching 101: First you build the team, and then you lose your voice reminding them what it is you were building. 


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