A great teacher and martial artist is always learning, evolving and progressing… keeping his eyes and senses open to the world. Making sure his students only get the most refined quality of his art and his teaching. While we represent one of the top martial arts Academies in NYC, it is always important for our instructors to go out and see the world, bringing that education back to our students.

This August Sifu Anderson took an incredible journey into China and Japan to train, teach, learn, coach and simply further expand his arts.

Here’s a glimpse at the journey…


In Hong Kong Sifu and Simo had the opportunity to train Wing Chun with Master/ Sifu Sam Lau, first generation disciple of Yip Man

If you are curious about Wing Chun and its martial applications, check out the AMAA Jeet Kune Do classes, where this art is integrated into the curriculum along side our other striking, grappling and weapons disciplines. Read more about this class here



In Tokyo Sifu Anderson had the opportunity to corner Clark Gracie at the Abudabi Grand Slam
And yes… Clark took gold!

Clark will be visiting AMAA soon for a week long stay full of seminars and workshops.
To check out AMAA’s Gracie JiuJitsu program click here




In Beijing Sifu and Simo spent some time at the Temple Of Heaven’s South Gate training and learning fan Tai Chi from Jun Ling Li — a ‘state level’ society political qigong, kongfu & Tai Chi stationmaster.



And of course we met some incredible and very welcoming martial artists all throughout our journey, the picture below was an awesome Brazilian JiuJitsu & Muay Thai Academy in Hong Kong .

This journey proved once again that martial arts is a world wide community; and if you train in the right environment with the right people they quickly become your family, forming a world wide community anywhere you go.


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