Thank you EVERYONE for a huge and super amazing turnout for Daniel & Marie Lonero’s Silat – Panantuken – Kali – Jeet Kune Do annual seminar at Andersons Martial Arts Academy NYC.

Here’s a glimpse of the action and some of the incredible material covered ,


What is Silat?


Known as PENTJAK SILAT in Indonesia and BERSILAT in Malaysia is taught at Andersons Martial Arts Academy in our JKD Phase 2/3 and Phase 1 classes in a curriculum that brings the art to beginners and advanced students along side klai, Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai in a specifically curated curriculum.

There are over 250 styles of Silat commonly practiced in and throughout Indonesia and Malaysia. Both arts involve various complex and intricate empty hand and foot maneuvers, clever and unique multiple joint locking, sweeping and throwing manipulations. These arts form an important portion of the intermediate and advanced levels taught at the Andersons Martial Arts.

You can also take specific Silat seminar and workshop, we offer them many times a year with both Sifu Anderson, Guro Dan Inosanto and other incredible guest instructors.

So, if you are interested in this art, try out JKD/Kali Phase 1 classes during your 3 Day Free Trial – you won’t believe what this art and others have to offer your goals, your self awareness and your self defense!