The ATeam Brings Home One Gold, Two Silver, Two Bronze Medals: Anderson’s Martial Arts Brazilian JiuJitsu NYC

Anderson’s Martial Arts would like to congratulate several of our very deserving students for an outstanding competition weekend! The ATeam had several students come out and compete in IBJJF, and the ATeam is proud to say that we left with several medals, including one gold, one silver and two bronze medals.



We would like to take this time to congratulate all of the participants, and especially our amazing students from the ATeam. No matter the result we know that everyone walked away more stimulated, proud and grateful for the opportunity and experience.




A very special congrats goes to
– George for his second gold medal this month!
– Tommy for his outstanding performance to win silver
– Karyn, who came out with an incredible armbar finish to take bronze
– Joe who had a huge division and brought home the bronze medal as well

we are also SUPER excited to announce that our newest team member and AMAA staff member Perez Figuera (Assistant Prof PJ) helped coach many of our fighters to victory… and that besides helping teach the AMAA classes and develop our sport program PJ is training to compete in the Worlds this June!

Here Are Some Highlights










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