What makes Muay Thai such an effective  martial art?

and, why do all legit JKD schools have a Muay Thai curriculum?
Muay Thai, known as the “science of eight limbs,”  including punching, elbows, knees, kicks and at AMAA (Anderson’s Martial Arts New York City) we add in the ninth, the head. The art also teaches some of the most effective clinching techniques.
It is the national sport and martial art of Thailand, and an effective art for developing superior physical fitness and devastating self-defense.  Known for its practicality, power, and speed, it specializes in powerful kicks and strikes with the knees, elbows and standing grappling. Besides proving itself as the toughest ring sport, Thai boxing is excellent addition to  self-defense curriculum.
Training Muay Thai at AMAA will include the following elements: 
as207-843cd7d2-68b7-43e0-ae72-e72091b135be-v2    1)    Physical conditioning 
    2)    Shadow boxing 
    3)    Heavy bag practice 
    4)    Thai pad and focus mitt training
    5)    Light Ling-Chung
    6)    Partner Drills 
    7)    Sparring training

        beginners don’t worry, we will guide you through every step

I heard it’s the best workout there is- is that true?  

So you’ve heard huh? Even the fittest individuals don’t get out of this class with out a major heart pounding, muscle activating, challenging hour. The training itself is a great workout and develops physical and mental conditioning, along with a “never quit” attitude.
Plus, the better and more proficient  you get at the art, the more challenging your rounds, kicking, punching, bag work and focus mitt work will get. There is simply no physical plateau in Muay Thai class.


If I can only make 1-2 classes a week, is that enough?
If you are busy you should try train Muay Thai/ and or Filipino Boxing at least 1x a week. We include striking from these arts in all of your JDK fundamental striking classes and mix them into your trapping and grappling. Ideally you would add in at least an hour a week of isolating your sticking in our Muay Thai and/ or Filipino Boxing classes. To get very good at the art of Muay Thai this means going past being effective in ground self defense) Sifu advises that you commit to a 2-4 hour a week schedule. 
In fact we are so confident you’ll love our Muay Thai Classes, we welcome you to use this email to get 1 full free week of Muay Thai  and  Boxing classes at AMAA! 
or, schedule a free one-on-one introductory session in the art
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